Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Ok, so not a whole lot has happened...but what has happened is BIG! I mean HUGE!

T got the baby's first report card (I blatantly stole that from her...too cute!). All 7 embabies fertilized and are thriving! There are two Grade 1 and five Grade 2, so they're all great quality! By the time I get there tomorrow we should have at least one precious baby boy to transfer!

And make things even better...I had to do the double shots last night. The E2V (estrogen) and the progesterone shot. Well, hubby gave me the one (ok, he didn't stick me, but he pushed the medicine in) and then I gave myself the other. I rolled over onto the heating pad, and fell asleep. I slept all through the night (which is huge unto itself cause I haven't been sleeping well). When I woke this morning, my hip barely ached! I'm feeling great this morning!

I leave this afternoon to go to Dallas for tomorrow's transfer! I would leave earlier, but I have one last class to make an appearance at...kick boxing. I just need to drop off my food journal and exercise log and then I'm out of there! I figure I'll be on the road by 1pm. I'll get to the hotel, get checked in, eat some dinner, and get a good night's rest. Then tomorrow I get pregnant!

I'll write more tomorrow after the transfer! Have a great day!

*Go M.A.D!*
(Go Make A Difference!)

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