Monday, December 7, 2009

"Knot" Today

Well, last night's shot went pretty well. I gave myself the shot in the right hip again. I did the right hip two days in a row so that tonight I can do the left hip, and then on Tuesday when I have to do the double shots, I'll do the right hip again. I'm hoping that by giving myself a day off before I have to do the double shot will help some. I'm considering doing the shot on Tuesday and splitting hips...meaning I'll do one in each hip. I'm not sure though.

So I've been sitting on a heating pad shifting my weight and trying to get the knots to loosen up some. I'm not visibly bruised, so that's a good thing. It doesn't mean I'm not hurting though. You can feel so gnarly little knots in there. God love my husband though! Last night he stood beside the bed and rubbed my leg as I gave myself the shot. The night before he actually injected the medicine for me. He hates the shots and he doesn't have to have them! I really appreciate the fact that he's there for me though. I can't imagine not having such an awesome support system!

And then there is my IM, T. I adore her. Seriously, she is the best. Don't get me wrong, G was a great IM and I love her too, but T...T has embraced this whole experience in ways I didn't expect her to. For instance, G attempted to induce lactation after my midwife and I talked to her about it. T on the other hand approached me about it! I totally didn't expect that, and I love it! I had one friend ask me how I felt about watching another woman breastfeed the baby I had just delivered. I told them it was her child, so her feeding the baby is different from me. She's bonding with the baby in a very intimate manner. I, on the other, was just feeding the baby, and, on a more selfish level, was trying to lose weight and make myself more comfortable!

I just love the fact that T is so willing to embrace every moment of this crazy journey we call surrogacy. It's awesome!

Well, I just got an email from my widwife, Sam. She's going to take me on again. She left the birth center I delivered my other surroson at and is now with another birth center. I just hope that my insurance will cover most of it, or that we can work something out so I can deliver with her. That's one thing that made me sad about my last delivery. I wanted to have her there with me, but she wasn't on call, so I had another midwife there. Don't get me wrong, it was still a beautiful birth and one I'll cherish forever (especially considering my husband was an AWESOME doula!)...but I think it would have been even better with Sam. I told my hubby today that if my insurance won't cover it, in order to save some money (and not have to drive as far while I'm in labor), plus for comfort levels I'd consider a home birth. I am only 10 minutes from the new hospital. They have a huge birthing facility and would be able to take me if an emergency does make me nervous though. It would be something I'd have to research before I really considered it.

So, we're just waiting for the fertility report. So far we know that 7 eggs fertilized and they look good. Now we're just waiting for a few tests to be run. Thursday is the big day! Keep praying that the little man keeps growing and is as ready for me as I am for him!

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