Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oi Vey!

Thanksgiving has come and gone and the Christmas Holidays are in full swing. I haven't updated this in a while because I injured my shoulder and it was taking forever to it hurt something fierce.

Before I go any further I want to post a warning for any parents out there who have a mini-van with those automatic sliding doors. You know the ones. They're awesome because you can just hit a button and they open on their own. I know how convenient they are. Heck, that's part of the reason I bought my mini-van! BUT, don't assume they're always going to work correctly. Ours are supposed to stop moving at the first sign of resistance. That way, if something is caught in the doorway, it stops and doesn't crush it. Well, we had told our daughter not to open the door until we said it was ok. She didn't listen, and opened it anyway. I was sitting in the passenger's seat and I reached, with my right hand, over my head and grabbed the handle of the door. (It has handles at the top of the door, by the window.) I pulled on it, attempting to stop it. It didn't stop. It bucked/jumped and continued going backward. This motion caused my arm to become dislocated. I let go and leaned forward (because I thought I was going to be sick) and re-located my arm. (This isn't the first time I've dislocated that arm. The doctor said it's normal for a person to be able to relocate their own arm if they've dislocated it a couple of times before.) In the process (after an MRI, they realized) I also have a hairline fracture in my humerus, and partially torn ligaments. I'm in physical therapy and am healing nicely.

Ok, now onto the good stuff! I had an OB appointment this past week. The baby's heartbeat was in the 150s. I'm measuring right on track. My weight is the same as my appointment 1 month ago. Although the doctor would like to see me gain weight, she says I seem to be doing ok, so she's not really worried about it right now. I have an appointment on January 2nd and at that time, we'll find out the sex of the baby! I'm so excited! I think I know what we're having, but I've been known to be wrong before. (Don't tell my husband I said that!)

I've been feeling the little bean moving around in there. I feel him more when my bladder is full. My bladder seems to be his favorite spot to kick. I guess he's preparing me for the months to come!

Well, that's all I have for now. As soon as I have more to tell, you can bet I'll be on here posting for the couple of people who drop by to check on me. (Thanks ladies! I really appreciate you caring enough to see how I'm doing!)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Knock on Wood...

Ok, so I'm kind of nervous posting this, but I've gone two days without morning sickness.

*knock on wood*

And then today...I managed two 10 minute naps. I was writing my research paper and dozed off on the couch both times. Hey, it's a research paper...maybe that was why I fell asleep and had nothing to do with the pregnancy! I like that idea. Maybe the second trimester is going to be better after all! *knock on wood*

On a different note, I've been sleeping really well lately. I have some really weird and vivid dreams, but I'm sleeping well! I really, really, more than anything, miss riding my motorcycle. I keep hoping that I have a dream about riding, because at least that might satisfy my need to ride. I told my IM I was actually glad I sold my bike because it would be too tempting having it sitting there in the garage. Hubby's bike is sitting out there...but I can't ride his as he is taller then me.

We had our last appointment with the RE on Saturday. I've officially been released to my regular OB! I'm also off of medication now. The nurse said she was impressed that I've only gained 3lbs since the transfer. I've gained a total of 14lbs since I started meds. I figure I'm doing really well. I'm eating fairly healthy...even though I prefer eating out to eating at home. Even when I do eat out though, I'm eating things like salads, or only getting sides (ie mashed potatoes, green beans, applesauce and a salad...that's my order at Texas Roadhouse!)

I keep feeling flutters and swear the little one is beginning to wiggle. When we had our appointment on Saturday my IM said the baby didn't stop moving the whole time. He looks great. He's growing right on track and, like I said before, moves all over the place.

We had lunch with my IPs on Saturday. The four of us and our combined 6 kids. (My four, their two.) It was great. I got to learn even more about my IM. She enjoys playing Guitar Hero. I was shocked. She doesn't strike me as the type...then again, most people don't think I'm singer, enjoy writing, riding motorcycles and playing an MMORPG. I'm a cool geek.

So that's my update.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Woot! We're in the 2nd tri!

Well, I managed to make into the second trimester! Yeah me!

I went to bed Monday night with expectations of waking refreshed, hungry and ready to tackle the day. Let me say, just because you're in the second trimester, doesn't mean that suddenly all the first trimester stuff goes away. (Wouldn't it be great if that were the case?) I woke up Tuesday morning with a horrible migraine. I was hungry, but I also felt nauseous...that was just because I hadn't eaten in like 8 or so hours.

Other then that, I'm doing pretty good. I've finally found a great, comfortable way to sleep...but it only works when hubby is at work. (He works third shift.) So this afternoon, when he wakes up, we're going to go buy me at least one, maybe two new pillows so I can sleep better, even when he's home.

My IPs are great. G has been so worried that I'm going to need something and not ask her for it. Everytime she writes, she lets me know if there is anything I need, to let her know so she can get it for me. I keep telling her that there's nothing I need, and I'm doing great.

Speaking of the baby and my IPs. I can't wait for the baby to start moving so I can let them know. It'll be one of the first milestones in our pregnancy.

Other than that, not much to report. I've been feeling rather alone. Most of my family (extended: parents, siblings, etc.) have quit talking to me. Hubby says to just keep smiling because I'm content with my decision to be a surrogate, and am thrilled to be helping my IPs, and that's all that matters. I'm doing alright. It's not like we talked much anyway. More then anything, I wish I had an experienced surro to bounce ideas and questions off of...this pregnancy is so different then any of my others, and there are somethings I'm feeling that...well, it's different, and I wondered if it's normal.

Well, if you're actually reading this, thank you. It's nice to know that someone actually does care. If you didn't make it this far...I'm sorry to have bored you so much.