Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Second Beta!

I went and had blood drawn this morning for my second beta test. I'm kinda curious to see what this one is going to be. I thought since Friday, December 11th, that I was having multiples. I had never had such a reaction to pregnancy. I felt nauseous on the way home from Dallas the next day. I was extremely exhausted within two days. (Not all the time mind you, but there were times during the day when I got really tired.)

Hubby and I tried to chalk it up to the fact that my protocol was different this time around so I was reacting differently to the meds. Then I got the first positive at 4.5dp5dt (or 9.5dpo). Most women don't get positives that early. Hell, I've never gotten a positive that early.

Anyway, that's when I began to really wonder what was up. Then Monday's beta number came in at 304 and I got a little nervous. We'll see after today's though. I'm not going to jump to any conclusions until we have today's number. Well, that and the ultrasound.

So that's where we are right now. I'll post later today or tomorrow morning and let you know what the second number is!

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