Monday, December 21, 2009

Beta Testing...

I went this morning and had my beta test run. Now I'm just sitting here waiting for the test results. I'm so impatient! I emailed T and let her know that it was done and if she hears the results first to call me.

I feel guilty cause I haven't called her in the last day or two. I've been so busy trying to finish things up before Christmas, and then I get tired and nap. Add to that the morning sickness that has absolutely no rhyme or reason to it's comings and goings and life got really crazy, really quick. But honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. The morning sickness is a (albeit annoying) reminder that there is a little bean growing inside me. I'll survive the weeks of tiredness and morning sickness to see the look on T and M's faces when they see their son for the first time.

On a related note, I got a card from G with a picture of the kids. The baby is getting so big! It's crazy how big he is! His brother and sister are getting really big too. I remember when his sister when we first met and she wasn't even in school yet! Now she's a kindergartner! Boy how time flies... if only it would stop crawling today and I would get my beta numbers!

Anyone wanna take a guess at what they'll be? Today I am 11dp5dt. I started getting positive results almost a full week ago at 4.5dp5dt. What do you think?

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AnGèLe said...

Ohh! I hated waiting for my BETAS! The doctor hadnt checked the box that said release to patient so I had to wait!!! Ahhh... so BFP 9dpt! Nice!! Hmmm... I'll go with 240's! :) Cant wait to hear!!