Thursday, December 17, 2009

I gave in...

...and I tested on Tuesday morning. I know, I know. I waited two whole days to post! It's ok though. I had to wait for my IPs to get the news...they did, after all, have a bigger stake in this than anyone else, hehe.

So here it is. Tuesday morning I woke up and tested. I looked at the test and thought I saw a faint line but I was so afraid to get my hopes up. My husband though came in and saw it and said yes, it is in fact positive!

(I've added a second picture of the original inverted so you can better see the positive line.)

So I waited and tested several hours later and the line was about the same. I don't have a good picture of that one, but anyway...

So yesterday morning I woke up and tested again. I had to have a good picture to share with T, M and C. I went into the bathroom, peed in a cup and ran two tests simultaneously. I took a cheap Equate (I say cheap, it's cheaper than the name brands...but certainly not inexpensive...holy crap those things are expensive!) and then I took an Early Response. Both have blue dye.

Both showed a positive immediately! All the tests are still kind of faint, but it's enough to definitively say that I'M PREGNANT! I'm so excited for T and M!

It was all I could over the past two days to keep my mouth shut! I sent a balloon bouquet to T and M that was all blue and said Congrats and Baby Boy and that kind of thing. Poor C (she's 20) answered the door when it arrived and the delivery guy told her congrats...I can't help but laugh because T and M (and C) knew that some people would just assume that it was C who was pregnant/had a baby, but no one expected it to start so soon! I digress. The balloons hadn't arrived yet and I set T an email letting her know she had a special delivery on the way....and then I waited...and waited...and then T called. The balloons hadn't arrived yet, but she wanted to know how I was doing. I nearly burst out of my skin I was trying so hard to keep quiet!

We tried to make small talk. I found out a few minutes later that she was trying not ask me if I had tested and was trying just as hard as I was to not tell her that her Christmas Miracle had arrived! She kind of asked if I had tested and I told her flat out that if she asks me directly if I tested, I won't lie, but I'm not going to volunteer the information. She flat out asked and I think I may have actually yelled that it was positive! Poor T must have thought I was crazy, lol!

I called Dr. Saleh's office to see about getting an early BETA test, but they said no. They want my first test to be over a certain number and so they only test on the 10th (or greater) day. Monday will be 11dp5dt. I'm curious as to how high my BETA number is going to be. This time around I'll get the numbers! (We're not in hurricane season, and even if we were, Dallas is so far from the coast that if a hurricane did hit, they would only get a little rain.)

T and I must have talked for at least 2 or so hours yesterday. I think she is the perfect IM! I love talking to her. I'm honestly not much of a phone person, but I could talk to her for hours. Last night we talked about everything! I caught her up on all the symptoms I've been having, which, by the way, started on Friday...kinda makes you wonder if both took? We talked about the transfer, and baby names, and my new puppy. (I just got a German Shepherd puppy and she has a German Shepherd.) We talked about M and how excited he would be when he got home from work and saw the balloons and heard the news. We talked about C and what a good kid (ok...she's an adult) she is. I just think T is amazing and I'm so proud to be able to help her.

Ok, I'm uber-hormonal. I had to take a break from that last paragraph. I started crying. I'm going to take off for now. Perhaps later this afternoon I'll make another post to list all the symptoms I've been having. Then I'll ask what ya'll think my BETA numbers are going to look like.

Go M.A.D!

(Go Make A Difference!)


Holly said...

aaahh this is gonna be my weakness as well. i just had my transfer tuesday (my bedrest extended until tomorrow morning). they told me not to take poas test because of false readings... i was surprised tho that you were able to tell in less than a week after the transfer!so i'm totally curious how soon does it usually show up?

Surrogate Mom said...

It varies. The soonest I've heard of is 4dp5dt. I was 4.5dp5dt. I've also heard of women never getting a positive and having a positive beta.

So long as you didn't do an hcG trigger shot, you won't get a false positive. (I shouldn't say you won't...there is always that one chance test that gives false readings.) But typically you'll get accurate readings.