Thursday, December 31, 2009

An Update...

I had an ultrasound yesterday and they saw one gestational sac. I'm kind of relieved that there's only one little bean in there. And he is apparently a strong little booger because yesterday and today no matter what I tried, I couldn't get ahead of the morning sickness. Today I texted hubby and he brought me in bread before I ever got out of bed. I sat up to eat and felt even more queasy and a little light headed. I keep reminding myself it's not as bad as my first pregnancy where I couldn't keep anything down for more than 10 minutes...and I ended up passing out a few times...then in the hospital on an IV drip to rehydrate me. I won't let it get that bad. I'm doing good though. I have only emptied my stomach once today, which isn't bad considering I've wanted to rid it of its contents several times. Hard candies and root beer are my friends!

I've also been having horrible night sweats with this pregnancy. I'm assuming it's the meds. I have at least another 5 weeks or so of meds. Possibly more because my calendar only goes until the end of January...I'm hoping that's because they're stopping meds then. The thing that bothers me is that if that's when I stop meds, I hope they're not having me stop cold turkey. They're not weaning me off of anything. Everytime they change my meds it's a "ok stop meds" not a gradual weaning off them like I had before. So much of this protocol is different!

But I digress...

The night sweats are so bad that I literally wake up on a soaked bed, in soaked PJs, with a soaked sheet and blanket. Then, when I try to get them to dry out so I can go back to sleep, I end up freezing! But I can't crawl back under the sheets, cause I'm burning they smell! Thank goodness my husband works third shift and doesn't have to deal with this! I wake every night between 4am and 430am and do everything I can to fall back asleep...then when I wake in the morning, I shower, Fabreze the bed, and put on new sheets. (And of course wash the previous night's sheets to prepare for the next morning.) Hopefully when the meds stop, the night sweats stop.

And my sense of smell is incredible! I got into the car yesterday morning and could smell grease and smoke. I texted my husband and asked him who he had in the car the night before. (He usually rides his motorcycle, but took the van because it was raining and below 30 degrees.) He says he had his friend, and asked why. I told him what I smelled and he said that he was a smoker, but he didn't let him smoke in the van...and that they went to get burritos, which accounted for the greasy smell. It was bad. I had to roll the windows down in order to air out the van...but no one else could smell anything!

Other than that, not much is happening. I have another ultrasound on January 6th to check for the heartbeat. I can't wait till we see his heartbeat and we know that he's all safe and snuggled in there for the long haul.

T is thrilled. She even started researching cribs. I'm so glad this has finally happened for her and M!


AnGèLe said...

Oh I hope your sickness is short lived! Once I hit the 12 week mark, I stopped all meds.. no weaning.. no side effects! My bum was soooo happy not be be injected into anymore! :P

Surrogate Mom said...

If I remember correctly around 8-10 weeks (with my last surrogacy) they began weaning me off of the meds.

I'll be thrilled to be done with them too! My bum isn't too bad this time around, but it's too good either! ;)

Anita M. said...

What a kind and brave women you are. I hope you have a beautiful pregnancy providing the gift of life to a couple that can't conceive on their own. The
night sweats
sound awful, but I'm glad things are going well.