Monday, December 28, 2009

Morning Sickness....

So I had pretty bad morning sickness with my other pregnancies, and this one started out just like all the others. I tried every home/herbal remedy I could think of to no avail...then I tried something crazy: I ate regularly, regardless of the queasiness in my stomach.

The first day was hard. I woke up feeling sick, but I had some crackers and a root beer. (Root beer seems to help settle my stomach this time around.) I waited about 45 minutes and had some toast. Then about two hours later I had a protein smoothie. And the day progressed with me eating a snack, or a meal every two hours or so until bedtime. I felt sick the whole day!

The next day I woke, not quite so sick. I ate crackers before I ever got out of bed, and then drank my root beer. about 20 minutes later (because I was starving!) I had some juice, eggs (w/ salsa!) and bacon. I continued every 2 hours eating something until bedtime...and I had one bout of nausea all day.

And every day since then? No morning sickness. It's been great! I feel a little nauseous right now, but that's because I ate too much at dinner. (The babies apparently really, really like pork tenderloin...because I rarely if ever ate it before, and I had 4 servings tonight. I feel like a pig and should have stopped after the second but I couldn't help it!)

So Wednesday is the ultrasound. We finally get to see how many little beans are in there. I still maintain that there are two in there...either that, or this is so different because I'm pregnant within 7 months of giving birth to the last little surrobean. Either way, I'm pregnant and I'm so thrilled for T and M!

I've been trying so hard not to compare T and my first IM, G, but some days are harder than others. Like just before Christmas I needed to know how my calendar was changing. This clinic only gives me my calendar in little chunks. (I think it's so they can surprise me and it doesn't seem so overwhelming, but seriously, it just annoys the hell out of me!) Well, my calendar was ending and no one had given me a new one. I emailed the nurse coordinator and told her I needed a new calendar because I had no idea what I was doing the next day. I also emailed T and told her I had no idea what I was doing, and I also needed to know if I needed to order new meds, and which meds I still needed. Well, T was all over the clinic like white on rice! She handled business! The next morning I had my new calendar, my test results and I even had the old nurse coordinator (who is on maternity leave) email me and tell me that if I needed a prescription for Zofran for the morning sickness she would get me one! Go T!!

G on the other, when we had a similar issue after the hurricane, let me deal with it all and just kind of sat back and watched.

So yeah, T is way better at this, and totally tries to take the stress off of me as much as possible...and I totally love her for it!

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