Tuesday, March 31, 2009

230 down...50 left to go

I am 32w5d pregnant. We are in our final weeks of pregnancy! I can't believe it!

I've been having Braxton-Hicks contractions almost daily. I had a bit of a scare yesterday when I had a Braxton-Hicks and felt some discharge. I was in math class. I left the lecture quickly (not that my idiot of a math professor was saying anything that was actually useful to, well, anything). When I got to the bathroom I realized I lost more of my mucous plug. (Yep, there's that famous little glob of mucous, rearing it's ugly head!)

The baby has begun to drop. I am carrying low anyway, but when he dropped I could (still can, and will until I deliver) feel him hitting my pelvis. My hips are widening and I've officially started "the pregnancy waddle".

On the plus side, we're nearly there! I have 50 days left before my due date! As I am typing this, I'm watching the baby's knee, or possibly his foot, ripple across my belly. It's amazing to think that in a few short weeks, this little chunky monkey is going to come into this world and complete a family who, even a year or two ago, wasn't sure if they would have a child. And I helped, in some small way, to create this family.

Well, I am going to go take a nap before I try finishing all the things I have to do today. I need to call the hospital to schedule our tour of labor and delivery! Before I go...here's a picture (taken two days ago) of my ever growing belly.

...I don't want to hear any comments about me being in my PJs still. I'm pregnant, cut me some slack! Oh! And absolutely no comments on the road map I'm creating on my stomach. I figure if I create a road map in stretch marks, I'll never get lost!

Have a great day!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Off of bedrest...but only for a day!

So Tuesday I had my appointment and the doctor said that I passed diabetes test. My iron is low, which we knew, but it's no longer so low I need to force myself to eat meat AND take iron pills. I can just take the iron pills. Everything looks great. I'm getting big! I've gained 5 pounds since my last appointment two weeks ago.

That was Tuesday.

Today, DH and I picked up the kids from school and ran to the store to grab some last minute things before dinner. While there, I had to use the restroom. (Hey, I have a 4lb bouncing bundle of joy right on my bladder...) I went into the restroom and realized I had bled a little. And by a little I mean there barely anything, but still enough to take note of. I came out of the restroom and called the doctor's office. The nurse practitioner told me to go home, and put my feet up. The only reason I would be allowed up would be to use the restroom. She told me it's probably nothing, but to be on the safe side, kick my feet up and let someone else take care of me.

So here I am. Laying in bed. Bored. I watched Twilight with my middle daughter. I ate dinner, and now I'm surfing the internet. I'm getting tired, so I'll probably fall asleep here before too long. I keep telling myself it's all worth it, but it's kind of frustrating. I feel super guilty for taking time away from my husband and kids. DH keeps telling me it's ok, and not to feel bad, but I still feel bad.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Quick Update

So yesterday we went for the 3D/4D ultrasound. My IM made it with the kids, but my IF, IM's mom and sister weren't able to make it. The baby, which since the ultrasound I have affectionately dubbed Chunky Monkey, barely has any room in there. He kept his face buried in my placenta. (I've had guys bury their faces in a lot of my stuff...but my placenta is a new one! HEHE)

His cheeks are already filled out. He was opening his eyes, and his mouth. He showed us his little hands. OH! And he has a full head of hair! Which if I believed in old wives tales and the fact that kids with hair give heartburn, I would have told you months ago. Actually I think I did say that months ago!

I think the most amazing thing though was the fact that you could look at the pictures of him, and then look at his sister who was sitting on the couch, and they look so much alike! It's uncanny!

As for the 4D, the actual moving pictures, he moved plenty. They took over 30 minutes of video of Chunky Monkey rolling around. His parents are so thrilled. I'm so glad to have given that to them.

After the ultrasound, we went out to eat. Us three adults with 6 kids! The waitress asked which kids belonged to who...I pointed out our 4 kids. My IM pointed out her two, then pointed at my belly and said "This one is mine too!" The waitress kinda looked at us and said "Oh." To which I responded, "Yep, she got me pregnant! This one is hers!" G seemed to just love it! She emailed and said she had a great time. I'm so glad she did.

On a more personal note, today was my kids' Kite Day at school. I went to take pictures as one of the photographers for the yearbook. I was outside, on my feet, all day...and I forgot to put on sunscreen. So needless to say, I got sun burnt...very bad. Now I have sun poisoning, on top of being dehydrated and aching from head to toe. Right now, I'm laying in bed, hoping that bed time comes sooner rather then later so I can take another Tylenol.

Oh well, that's what I get for not paying attention to my own body.

Well, that's about it for now. I have another OB appointment on Tuesday. Hopefully we'll learn something new...like exactly how big the baby is at this point.

More updates soon!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bedrest...are you kidding me?!?!

Well, last week the doctor ordered me on "modified bedrest". I'm supposed to be taking it easy. When I'm sitting, I need to have my feet up. Absolutely no lifting. I have to take my blood pressure regularly and keep track of it so as not to go over 140/90. (My average is 120/60.) I'm also having issues with my blood pressure dropping below 90/50. The doctor isn't sure why my blood pressure is all over the place, but it is.

So I was doing very well just relaxing and trying to let DH and the kids deal with everything. Then this morning, I got up, made Monkey Bread for the kids' breakfast and went to sit on the couch. DH came home, pulled out the Monkey Bread and got some for the kids. My back was aching a bit, and I was just thinking I had slept wrong. I got up to use the bathroom and when I was there, I realized I had started to lose my mucus plug. I called the doctor (completely forgetting my OB was on vacation) and the on call doctor called me back. He had no clue what was going on with me, and wasn't aware of anything regarding my case. I caught him up to speed (plus I think he had used the computer to log into the office and pull up my records or something) and he told me that at this point he wants me to rest with my feet up. For the rest of the day I'm allowed to sit on the couch, and go to the bathroom. That's it. No other anything.

That's all well and good, except for the fact that DH works third shift and is passed out in bed already. I have four kids and the youngest had surgery just over a week ago. I think the kids are going to have pizza for lunch. Either that, or I'm going to have to trust that one of my children can make lunch...so pizza it is! The other thing I'm worried about is that I have school tomorrow. I can miss one day if needed, but if I'm on put on bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy, then I'm going to have to drop out of school. That hurts, but I can't think about that right now.

This little one is so active today! He's been flipping and flopping around since about 8am. The doctor says that's a really good sign, and the main reason why I haven't been asked to go to the hospital yet. He's reassured me that it's prefectly normal to lose my mucus plug this early and it doesn't necesarrily mean that I'm going to go into labor. He's more worried about my blood pressure readings from the past three days. (It's been all over the charts with the highest being 151/98 and the lowest being 83/41.) My diet has been altered and I'm being told to add red meat to my diet. (Last time I was just asked to add it, now I have to add it!) I also need to add foods high in potassium, like bananas, melons, kiwi, oranges, milk, and spinach. Most of these things I'm eating already, but apparently because I was exercising regularly (for at least one hour a day 6 days a week) up until a few weeks ago, my potassium levels are low, which could be causing the issues with my blood pressure (in addition to the diarhea I had the beginning of the week). At least that was my understanding from what he was saying.

So anyway, I'm stuck laying here on the couch. The good thing...the kids are being great. They're upstairs playing quietly! There's a first for everything!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

29 week appointment

So I had an OB appointment yesterday. My IM was running just a little bit late. She came in just after we listened to the heartbeat, so I asked my wonderful OB if we could listen again. She said yes. Initially the baby's heart rate was in the 140s. After his mom arrived though, he got super active and his heart rate dropped slightly to the high 130s.

I finished drinking my "kool-aid" for the gestational diabetes test and then we had to sit around for an hour before they could draw blood. It was nice though because we were able to sit and chat and catch up. My poor IM! She's an accountant and because it's tax season she's been so busy! It was great seeing her just relax and us being able to talk for the first time in a while.

We then went and had the blood drawn and parted ways...but not before we got some pictures. She got a new picture of me (an awesome belly shot) and then we got some great pictures of us together.

I got a phone call from the OB's office and I am slightly anemic. I need to add some red meat to my diet...which considering this entire pregnancy I've been so close to being vegan that now to add red meat...I just don't know if I can do that. It has nothing to do with morals or anything like that. I just don't like the taste of most red meats. My hubby is going to buy me tacos for lunch, so I have the ground beef. I guess I'll survive and eat it...even though I'd rather have a salad and a smoothie. The other thing the OB told me was that any time I'm sitting, I need to have my feet up. I've been having issues with swelling this pregnancy. My blood pressure has also started going up. That in and of itself is nerve wracking! My usual is 120s/60s...yesterday it was 147/90. They waited 20 minutes and rechecked and I was down to 129/68, so it was better. I'm still being told though that I need to take it easy and quit trying to do everything. OH! And I was also told I need to quit wearing high heels all the time. I was told once a week was more then enough. I then reminded my OB that I am Mrs. San Antonio and have obligations to my crown and appearances to make...she told me to make them in flats. I guess I have to comply because the last thing I want to do is put this baby in jeopardy.

We have a 4D ultrasound in two weeks. I can't wait to do that. G, my IM, has invited her mom and sister to the ultrasound to meet me. I can't wait to meet them. I also have little gifts for G & K's son and daughter. Just little t-shirts that say "I'm the BIG sister" and "I'm the BIG brother" They're cute!

Well, that's about it!