Saturday, December 12, 2009

Let the wait begin!

I am so excited to make this blog entry!

Wednesday I left home and drove to Dallas so we could transfer on Thursday afternoon. I was about halfway up there when my phone rang. It was T. We were awaiting the results of the PGD testing, and I figured that's why she was calling. Well, I was in a construction zone, and I wasn't going to answer...

10 minutes later I was able to listen to the message she left. I had to listen to it twice. T's voice was so calm and even that I wasn't sure I heard her right. The PGD test results were in. All the embryos were surviving. One had a chromosomal abnormality (XXY, Klinefelter's), but the other 5 were perfect...and they were all boys!

I was dumbfounded!

T and M had waited for so long to get to this point. We were afraid with the low number of eggs retrieved that they wouldn't get their baby boy this time around. But instead, all they got were boys!

So Thursday rolls around. I wake up in the morning, go and get a nice healthy breakfast and sit in the hotel room watching TV until my 3pm appointment. Around 1230 I decide I can't wait any longer or else I"m going to go stir crazy. So I go to the hospital. (Dr. Saleh's office, SIRM, is in a huge medical facility/hospital.) I find a little cafe and get something to eat. I sit outside in the atrium and as slowly as I can muster eat my turkey panini, chips and drink my water. I managed to last until 215pm. I decide at that point that maybe I should go up a little early to see if there is any paperwork I need to sign or anything like that.

I got upstairs, signed in, and within 5 minutes they took me back. I was put in a gown, and taken into the transfer room. I climbed up on the table (which BTW, had a nice foam pad on it to cushion me...instead of the typical hard exam table...Thank you, Dr. Saleh!) and they strapped my legs down in the stirrups.

The doctor came in and they found my uterus via ultrasound and decided where to place the little guys. Then the embryologist came in with the two embryos they decided to transfer. They verified my name, and T and M's names, and inserted the catheter. After waiting for one minutes, they removed the catheter, and the embryologist took it to the next room to examine it under the microscope to be sure the embryos did in fact transfer and didn't get stuck. Sure enough, they were in there! I got to see the pictures of them, and they were hatching already. They're are the most beautiful little embryos I have ever seen. (Ok, I might be a bit biased!)

They wheeled me out into the "holding" area and had me lie on my back for 35 minutes...then I was free to go on a "modified" bed rest. I was allowed to get up for a quick bite, a quick shower (no more then 10 minutes), and then back to bed. I was told to "veg out" or "be a couch potato" for the next 24 hours.

So I went back to the hotel room and just lounged around watching TV. I came home on Friday afternoon.

And now we wait.

For the past two days I've woken up between 2am and 230am to go to the bathroom and then haven't been able to get back to sleep. Last night, instead of tossing and turning and risking waking Kenny, I decided to get up and do something productive. So I went grocery shopping and got all the ingredients for a huge breakfast/brunch for the family. I'm doing a french toast bake, sausage and cheese stuffed croissants, bacon and eggs and a fruit smoothie. (Mine with soy protein!) I've also done the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. If you were to walk in there right now, you'd have no clue I went to the store, let alone already prepped this huge breakfast. Now I'm just waiting until about 645 or so to start baking.

While I was at the store getting groceries, I had to resist the urge to by pregnancy tests. I know if they're in the house this early, I'm going to want to use them this early. Kenny told me he doesn't want me testing until next week. (Sunday is technically next week, right? ;) ) He knows how bad and guilty I felt last time I tested early and kept getting negatives. He doesn't want me to torture myself like that again. He wants me to remain as mellow as possible. He's too precious!

Oh! So last night I had to give myself the dual shots. Both went in, and off, without a hitch. In fact, my hips barely hurt today. Not sure what's up with this, but considering I have less than two weeks on the shots now, I'm thrilled! I started a suppository last night, which needs to be refrigerated. I'll leave you to your own devices about how wonderful that feels! Actually, I have an applicator to insert them this time, so it's not nearly as bad as the last suppositories that I had to put in "manually".

Well, I believe you are now up to date. I have two beautiful pictures of the embryos and with T's permission I'll post them later.

Go M.A.D!