Monday, September 1, 2008

Transfer, Bed Rest, and Cravings...Oh My!

So we transferred yesterday, Sunday August 31. The IF, K, chose three beautiful embryos. I thought they were all beautiful, but he chose one perfect embryo, and two not quite perfect embryos. The doctor said if we get pregnant there is a 75% chance it's a singleton, 25% of twins, and a 1% of triplets. We transferred the three embryos and then I had to lay there, prone, for 30 minutes. Under normal circumstances, this wouldn't be that big of a deal, but because I had to have a full bladder for the was horrid!
After 30 minutes, I got up, emptied my bladder and changed back into my clothes. My husband drove me home and I slept most of the way. Part of the way home, I woke up and asked my husband why he was driving the way he was. His response: "I am responsible not only for you, but for G and K's three children you're carrying. I have to be extra careful." I almost cried. He's so wonderful. Even as I type this, he has run out to the store to buy cheese for soft pretzels.

So here I am, just finishing my first full day of bed rest. I woke up this morning and was famished! I ate breakfast, and within 30 minutes was dry heaving in the bathroom. It was exactly like when I was pregnant with my daughters. I'm trying not to think anything of it, and thinking it's just a coincidence, but it seems odd to me...

And then there are the cravings! I've been craving pickles since before the transfer. I think that's the medicine I'm on, so I'm not reading anything into that. I have, however, started craving hot dogs and ice cream. That's definitely out of the norm for me. *shrugs*

I have the official pregnancy test in two weeks. I will be POAS sooner then that though. Unfortunately, since my IPs don't want to know, and want to wait until the official BETA from the doctor, I will not be sharing the results with anyone until then.

Well, hubby just got home with the cheese for my pretzels, so I must be off. I will be updating again soon.

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