Tuesday, September 2, 2008

2 hours and counting...

We're in the home stretch...only two hours left on bed rest. At first it was nice, being able to sleep when I was tired, not having to deal with the children and their arguements...but as the first full day started, I began to realize I couldn't take much more "reality" TV, I missed doing my daily yoga and Tai Chi...and I was quickly running out of books to read. I also realized that my stomach was beginning to swell, and the fact that I was eating non-stop wasn't helping! C'est la vie! Such is the way of a surrogate!

I slowly got dressed this morning, trying to find clothes that would fit me comfortably, but I couldn't manage to find any pants as my abdomine has swollen quite a bit since transfer. So I called a girlfriend today who is currently 28 weeks pregnant and asked her if she had any maternity pants from early on that she would mind me borrowing. Luckily she did. So I have those on, and a tank top that I bought before. I figure I'm going to end up having to buy some clothes a bit sooner then anticipated if I keep growing at the rate I am now.

Well, I've managed to kill about 20 minutes just typing this up. I'm going to upload some pictures from the transfer and that should take another 20-30 minutes. Then I'll be within an hour of being able to get up. I may be able to make it to class if I can convince hubby to spring 30 minutes early! (That's not happening, lol)

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fivewinks said...

Thank you for sharing your surrogacy thoughts. I read your whole blog. I'm contemplating becoming a surrogate and need to read real experiences from real people. Thanks.