Tuesday, September 9, 2008

++++++++++ HPT +++++++++++

The title says it all!
I POAS yesterday morning and got a positive. I was kind of nervous as it was really light, and decided to do with G & K what I would do with hubby...wait for the second test to be sure.

This morning rolled around (all too early if you ask me) and I POAS again...and sure as the sun rises in the morning, there it was! I'm pregnant and G & K are going to be parents!! I'm so excited for them!

Beyond POAS, not much is happening. I've been having bouts of morning sickness. I'm doing alright though. This morning, one of the dogs got sick, and that didn't help my morning sickness, but I survived it.
I pulled out the prenatal yoga DVDs and am doing those. I've gone back to really watching what I eat. I bought a bunch of belly bars last night and have those for snacks. I've been making protein shakes for quite a while now, and have added some extra fruits to those so they're even healthier and give the babies what they need. I've been taking a prenatal viatamin as well as the Estrace.
Oh...and the shots continue. :( My poor bum is a pin cushion. Every night I prepare to do the injection and I just keep reminding myself "It's almost over. It's almost over." Actually, last night's mantra was "This is for the babies. This is for the babies."
I think I changed the mantra because I finally know that there is at least one little embryo that stuck around...and so long as I hold on to that one little baby, I can get through how many ever weeks of shots I have to take.

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