Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The PEO is back, and it brought with it Morning Sickness!

Well, things have gotten crazy over the past couple of weeks. The NC (nurse coordinator) called last week and said that she realized that the labs had done the wrong blood work. When she emailed me the new orders, I looked at them, and realized that she had ordered the wrong labwork...not that the lab had messed up.

So I went and had the blood drawn. The NC calls the next day and tells me that every looks great, the beta number is really high, then proceeds to tell me that they're switching me from the suppositories back to the PEO shots. I wanted to get sick, partly because the PEO shots were so bad for me, partly because morning sickness was getting to me. She told me that my progestrone levels were low, which is normal for the suppositories, but she wants to see them higher, so I'm back to the shots. I've taken 5 of them, and already I'm having issues walking, sleeping, and the heating pad is permanently glued to my bum. I have huge knots and it's painful! I keep reminding myself this is for the babies, this is for the babies, and I'm sure I'll get through it.

On top of that, I have morning sickness that lasts all day. I've lost three pounds in the past two days (or so) because I can't keep anything down. I have managed to keep toast down more often then not, and last night I was so hungry that I ate an Italian sub sandwich from Domino's Pizza. (I didn't keep it down but I ate it!) I called the NC today and asked for something to help quell the nausea, so hopefully I'll get some relief soon.

Friday October 3rd is the ultrasound! I'm so excited! Everyone I've talked to (all my friends) swear I'm having at least twins. I can't talk about the pregnancy without using the word "babies"...it's never baby. Add to that the fact that everyone swears I'm already 3 or so months pregnant, yeah...there are more likely then not multiple babies in there. (But hopefully no more then two!)

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Kim said...

I have been following your blog......... what is the update from the ultrasound? Twins???