Saturday, September 13, 2008

Because you had a bad day...

So I woke up this morning and my buttocks/hip area was so knotting up that it was causing my lower back to spasm. I called my family physician and explained to the nurse that I am pregnant and what's going on and she told me that because I'm pregnant, they can't give me anything for the muscle spasms. She told me to continue taking Tylenol. I've been sitting on the heating pad all day, and that has helped tons! I wonder if, perhaps, I'm not sitting on the heating pad long enough after giving myself the shots. So tonight, after I give myself the PIO shot, I will sit on the heating pad for longer then I have been.

I had blood drawn yesterday and was supposed to get the results no later then 6pm yesterday. However, because of Hurricane Ike, chances are I won't get my results until, at the earliest, Monday. I just hope that everyone there is ok, and stayed safe.

Well I'm tired, and am going to go lay down for a little rest.

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