Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Superwoman falls...

So here I am today, the day before I turn...old. (Nope, you're not getting my age...although I feel old, I'm still young at heart and I'll be young at heart until the day I die!) I decided that because I didn't have a baby to take care of slept pretty well last night, that I could do some running today without any issues.

Boy was I wrong!

I woke up at 545am plugged in my curling iron, and while it heated up, searched the bedroom for my "fat" jeans. I was a size 8-10 the day we transferred those three little embryos all those months ago. I figured the day after I delivered the gorgeous little bean that came from that batch, I should at least try to fit into my size 12s. (Never mind the fact that I still have the pregnancy "pooch" and have only lost about 22lbs since yesterday morning...which by the way caused my Wii Fit to freak out! That's a different story though.)

So I find my size 12s, grab a black tank top and my Victoria's Secret bra. I go into the bathroom with every intention of doing my hair, my makeup, and getting myself looking like Mrs. San Antonio again. After all, a pageant queen can't be seen looking all tired and worn out! (LOL) I put on my Baboosh Baby Taut. Oh yeah, I'm already looking a little thinner! I hoist the girls into my VS bra. I'm doing good. I put on my tank and smooth it down. Holy crap! You can hardly tell I was pregnant this time yesterday! (I'm sure the paleness in my face says otherwise, but we'll deal with that later!) Now comes the fun...my jeans. I go out and sit at the edge of bed knowing full well with the way my hips feel, I can't do this standing up. I put my legs in, stand up, and say a little prayer. The jeans slid right up over my thighs. The jeans gods are smiling down on me. Now for my hips. I remind myself that if I can't get them up, it's not my fault. I just delivered a 9lb baby less then 24 hours ago. I take a deep breath and pull one final time. And they came up over my hips! WOAH! Ok, ok. Let's not get too excited. I still have to button them. At this point, I'm fully prepared to lay on the bed, hold my breath, wiggle, squirm and use tools to get the zipper up if need be.

I take my final breath before attempting to button and zip my jeans. I close my eyes and bring the button to the hole...and it goes through with relative ease. I keep my eyes squeezed shut as I begin to zip them up...when suddenly I realize the zipper won't go up any further...because it's at the top! I'm in a size 12!!! WOOHOO!

It's at this point I begin to realize I'm getting tired. I unplug the curling iron. I had a shower the night before and my hair had a slight curl, with a wild hair here or there. So I just pulled the top part back and brushed it under. Viola! I decided to forgo the makeup. Hey, I got into my jeans. That's a huge accomplishment, right?

So we take the kids to school and drop them off. One of the teachers waved at me, and we stopped to say a quick hi. He realized I wasn't pregnant and asked for some details. I proudly told him "Yesterday morning! He was just over 9lbs!" He gave me a hug through window and said he was proud of me.

Hubby and I decided to get breakfast. I decided I was feeling well enough to be seen so I wanted to go to my new favorite breakfast spot, The Egg & I.

This is where Superwoman begins to realize she's not impervious to everything.

We get there and are seated. The benches are hard wooden benches. I can do this. We order...and I'm doing well. I get halfway through breakfast and realize the wooden benches aren't the greatest thing to sit on the day after giving birth. I'm tough though. I can do this.

We leave breakfast and go get coffee from Starbucks. I get my typical Soy Latte, but this time it's not decaf! MMM, caffeine! We then run to Walgreens because I need a few personal items. (I'll spare you the details!)

As we pull into Walgreens, we hit a little pot hole. My hip begins aching and I feel a slight burn down below. I take a deep breath. I'm Superwoman. I'm Superwoman. "Even when I'm a mess, I still put on the vest, with an S on my chest, Oh yes, I'm a Superwoman." We park. Hubby helps me out of the van and reminds me to breath. Do I look like I'm in that much pain?

I'm a Superwoman.

I walk into Walgreens. Ok, at this point, I'm not walking...I'm kind of shuffling. Each step becoming more painful then the next. Halfway through our little shopping trip, it becomes painfully (and I mean PAINFULLY) obvious that I have bitten off more then I can chew. I might have been able to fit into my jeans...but I wasn't quite big enough for my britches.

I manage to get back into the van and we head home. As soon as we get through the door, my jeans came off and sweats went on. I laid down in bed intending to rest for a few minutes. That was around 930am. I woke up at noon and was hungry. I was also hurting pretty bad. I realized that I had over done it.

I think tomorrow Superwoman is going to sit around the house with her feet up. The most walking she'll do is from the fridge to the couch, and the couch to the bathroom.


Deena said...

I loved your story. I am thinking about becoming a surrogate but am afraid of how I will feel emotionally. How did you feel?

Surrogate Mom said...

I feel great! If you go into it with the mindset that this isn't your baby, and that you're sending him back home to his parents as soon as he arrives, you'll do just fine.