Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Interesting Night...

It's just after 230am. I woke up from a horrible nightmare, crying.

In my nightmare, I was strapped to a hospital bed. My husband was tied up in the corner of the room. My IPs were standing over me and there medical personnel everywhere. My IM asked the doctor how much longer before I had the baby. The doctor said he didn't know. She looked at her watch and then my IF said he had to get back to work. They then decided that it would be better to do a C-section and take the baby out so everyone can get on with their lives.

I woke up as they were cutting me.

I can only assume this dream was a result of the phone call I received around 4pm. G wanted to know how I was feeling and when I thought I might deliver. I told her I was currently at Walmart and hadn't started the pumping/walking cycle to help further induce labor. I told her with the way I was feeling it would be tomorrow morning at the earliest. She said that they were trying to decide whether K should go to work or not. He had a 5 hour drive one way to get to work, and was worried that if he went, he'd miss the delivery. She also seemed frustrated that I hadn't started the pumping/walking cycle. I don't think she understands that for one full cycle I'm stuck in the house, pumping for over an hour, then walking for 20 minutes, and lastly resting for at least 45 minutes looking and timing contractions.

I have four kids. My first obligation is to them. I had to get them from school, and get some last minute things for dinner. Once I did that, I came home and did a cycle.

I had some contractions, but nothing that would send me running for the birth center thinking I was in labor and ready to deliver. Instead, I went to bed.

Once I woke from the nightmare, I went to the bathroom. When I wiped, there it was...

BLOODY SHOW! This usually means that birth is within 24-48 hours! Hopefully my next post will be my birth story!

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Arcadia said...

Scary dream. I hope you have an easy labor.