Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Appointment with Midwife Today!

So I had an appointment with my midwife today. Not a whole lot has changed. I'm dilated to a 2, but can be easily stretched to a 3, and am 80% effaced. I asked her to strip my membranes and she did. She said my bag of waters is bulging. G, my IM, is hoping I go into labor in the next day or two. Sam, my midwife, says she expects to see me next week at my appointment.

Even so, I'm still having prodromal labor. Today's contractions have been pretty steady at 17 minutes apart. Over the past 2 hours or so, they've felt like cramps and my back has been aching. This, although annoying, is a good a sign. If they get stronger, or if they get closer together and last longer, I'm to call Sam immediately and go in to get checked.

Here's to hoping!

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