Sunday, April 12, 2009

In it for the money...

I'm so sick of people saying that surrogates are only in it for the money. There may be a surrogate somewhere who only did her journey for the money she received but by and large, surrogates do it because they truly care about others.

I'm tired of looking through ads in my search for new IPs only to read ad after ad saying "We're looking for a surrogate who really cares and isn't in it for the money." Are you kidding me? No amount of money would make me want to regularly shove needles in my body for months on end. No amount of money would make me want to suffer the heart ache of a failed cycle, a miscarriage, D&C or any other thing that could go wrong while trying to get pregnant. And what about the aches and pains of daily pregnancy? What about the pain of labor and delivery? What if you have to have a C-section? How about bedrest? Even if you don't have mandatory bedrest at the end of pregnancy, most doctors put you on at least two days of bedrest right after transfer. How much is it worth to miss time away from your husband and kids?

Would you change your whole life, and take time away from your family and friends, risking your life and who knows what else just for a couple thousand dollars?

Yeah, surrogates do it for the we couldn't get a dang job that paid better and came with way less risks, aches and pains.

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