Monday, April 13, 2009

Abandoned by my OB...

I don't even know where to begin.

So about a month ago, my OB tells me I need to come back in two weeks. I'm thinking "Woohoo! I'm finally into the appointments every two weeks!" This is a huge milestone in a pregnancy. It means you're nearing the end of the road, and you'll soon see the product of all your hard work, etc. So I go out to the front desk and set up my next appointment two weeks out...only to find out that my OB is going on vacation for two weeks and won't be back until the following week. So my appointment was actually three weeks away. Ok, fine.

The following appointment ends and I'm told, "I'll see you in two weeks!" (This was a Thursday, because Tuesdays and Thursdays are the best for us.) We go out to make an appointment before we leave and low and behold we're told..."Dr. V has closed her clinic during the week. The only day she's open for appointments now is on Friday." Wait? What? How is that convenient for anyone other then the doctor?

Ok, fine, we're over a barrell...just deal with it. Then this past Friday I had an appointment, was shuffled straight from the exam room into the plebotemist's area and took off before I had a chance to make my next appointment. So today I call to set up an appointment...and the other shoe drops.

My OB's office is going to be closed for the Fiesta holiday on Friday April 24th, when I'm supposed to have my next appointment. Besides that, my OB is going on vacation until the week before my due date. So now I'm being told I have to see another OB on Monday April 20th. After that, who knows what's going to happen. The receptionist said that I'm going to have to see whatever OB is available around the time of my appointments. I asked her about what would happen if I go into labor before my OB gets back into town. She told me that I would be at the mercy of whatever OB was on call at the hospital. When I asked her if she knew what OB would be on call at the hospital (the one I've never been to, and am told I have to go to because it's the only hospital my OB has priveleges at) I was told she wasn't sure because they rotated with two other offices! I may not even have a doctor from my OB's office!


I feel as though my OB has just abandoned me. When I talked to her over a year ago about being a surrogate one of the things we talked about was if she was going to still be in practice. She was about to have a baby and I wondered if she was going to want to stay home. She said no, she would be here through the entire pregnancy, not to worry about it. And here we are now. She's closing her practice and spends more time on vacation then she does taking care of her remaining patients. Seriously, if you're going to be done with it all, at least tell me so I can find a new OB and have to do it within the last month of my pregnancy when things are stressful enough.

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