Tuesday, April 21, 2009

30 days left!

Wow, I can hardly believe that we're so close to the day my IPs have been waiting for for so long! (And admittedly, I've been waiting for as well!) Today we are 35 weeks and 5 days!

I had an OB appointment yesterday with my soon-to-be former OB's office. My IM was there, but because they did the Group B Strep test, she wasn't back in the room with me when they listened to the heartbeat, etc. The baby is doing great. He's head down (or so I've been told, and that's how it feels...we haven't had an ultrasound since the one around 21 weeks). The doctor was measuring me when I had a contraction, so he decided to check my cervix. I'm about 1cm dilated...nothing to get super excited about. BUT...something is going on in there, and the OB said he expects me to live up to my typical birth, which is between 3 and 11 days before my due date. If I deliver 11 days before my due date, that makes the child's birth date Sunday May 10th. MOTHER'S DAY! I would love to give birth on Mother's Day! I know G would love to welcome her newest child into the world on her special day as well.

Speaking of delivering...G called and spoke with the birth center. After asking her questions of them, and finding out that she can indeed help deliver her child and then reading all the benefits of delivering without pain medication and minimal medical interventions, she set up an appointment for us to go speak with the ladies (midwives) there. I told my hubby that I found it hilarious. This entire journey G has let me set up the appointments and work with everyone's schedules...but this time she was so excited she set up the appointment for us. I was so glad! So the where and how of my delivery is settled. That makes me feel so much better! It's such a relief...and to know that G and K are so excited about this new change makes it so much easier.

I just had another contraction. Nothing major, but enough to make me stop and say "hmm". I figure that I'll have contractions on and off for the next week and a half...then I'll actually start having regular, time able contractions. (And I mean, I'll have one every 30-45 minutes lasting 30 seconds or so, until about a week later then they'll get closer and longer.) That's the way it went with my last pregnancy. Although it was tiring, I was so ready to deliver at that point, it didn't matter where or how I delivered, just so long as the constant contractions stopped!

So, I'll update again after my appointment with my midwives on Friday!

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