Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's kickin'?

So I was laying in bed last night and I had my arm over my belly. The baby was wiggling and such and all of a sudden he kicked...and I felt it on my arm! I moved my hand over where his feet are and waited. He kicked my hand again!

This morning on the shuttle to school I saw a friend of mine. We were talking and the little guy started kicking. I asked my friend if she would do me a favor. She put her hand on my belly and within a few seconds he kicked her. She smiled and told me that was now I know it isn't just my imagination. He actually is kicking hard enough to feel.

I'm sitting outside of class in the hallway right now waiting for my professor to get here and start class (I have another 30 minutes). He's moving a bit right now. I suspect he'll settle down here soon. He's usually fairly quiet during the day. Or at least I haven't noticed him during the day. We'll see if today is different.

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