Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I don't have gas!

You know when you have gas and you feel that little flutter in stomach...and then you fart? (Yes, that's not very lady-like...then again when have I ever been lady-like?) Or how about when you're hungry and you feel that rumbling.

Well, I'm not hungry, and I don't have gas! The baby has officially made himself known! Friday I had an appointment with Sam, my totally awesome midwife. She showed me where the baby was and let me hear the heartbeat. I called T and she got to hear her son. I then called back and left a message on their answering machine so M could listen to his son. (And so T could hear him whenever she wanted.)

I am officially showing. If you see me wearing a regular tank top, I have a little baby bump. I'm all baby. You know those women (who I think are few and far between) that have that baby bump that's round and little and is all baby. You know the ones. They complain about how they're so big, and they look like you did when you were two months pregnant...and they're eight months along. Yeah, the girl you'd like to throttle because she looks so tiny pregnant. Well, I'M ONE OF THEM! Ok, the rest of me isn't tiny, but I have that little baby bump. I'm over 15 weeks and just started showing some. Usually I'm four weeks and showing.

The hyperemesis isn't too bad anymore. I have moments where I feel queasy, but *knocks on wood* I haven't vomited in six days! I did dry heave a few times in the past several days, but I haven't brought anything up. I'm also starting to put on some weight. I'm up to 165.5...I had been a little heavier, but I lost a few pounds. It's ok though, because I can feel him in there wiggling and his heart rate was perfect, so he's ok. I may actually end this pregnancy lighter then when I started. That would be too weird.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. I'll be posting more often now. We're done with the home remodel, and midterms are nearly over. Next week is Spring Break for me and the kids. We don't have any plans, just to enjoy the house.

Go M.A.D!

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Holly said...

i'm almost 15 weeks now and i can swear i've been feeling the baby move. i know most people would say it's way to early. but i know what my gas feels like and i know what my muscle twinges feel like and this is not that. it's exactly what i felt with angel only about a week and half earlier. it's exciting. i'm happy for you too. it's nice to know that i'm not the only one feeling things early on :-D