Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bladder Bouncy House

Apparently the bladder bouncy house is all the rave in prenatal fun these days. Step 1: Locate Bladder. Step 2: Kick it and bounce on it until the woman who owns the bladder empties it. Step 3: Wait til it fills again. Repeat steps 1-3.

Yep, that's how I wake most mornings now. This little guy is either having fun on my bladder, or pissed cause it's taking up his limited space. Either way, he kicks it until I empty it.

I officially outgrew all my clothes this weekend. I'm going to have to go buy a few extra maternity pants today. I have three pairs of jeans and some dresses that fit. I have tons of shirts. I only have one pair of shorts. I don't know if they fit because I haven't tried them on yet. The majority of this pregnancy is going to be in the summer. Well, the majority of being big. I'm also going to need to buy a bathing suit. It'll be the first time ever needing a bathing suit during pregnancy. I'm also going to need some extra sun tan lotion. My belly is going to need to be fully covered.

I officially popped this weekend. I took some pictures. T has seen them, so I can post them now. As you can see, at just over 17 weeks (17w2d) I'm showing. I'm all baby though and I haven't put on much weight. Poor T's diet plan of losing as many pounds as I put on has kind of petered out.

As I write this, Jay is pushing his head against my left side. I think he's trying to find more room. Unlike all my other pregnancies, he doesn't kick and jab at me. He's very slow and methodical about his movements. It's almost like he doesn't want to waste his energy right now. I've been dreaming about his birth already. That makes me nervous. I didn't dream about any of my other births until I was mush further along. I hope that doesn't mean anything. It probably just means that I'm excited to see the look on T and M's face when he arrives. We'll see.

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