Saturday, March 20, 2010

And I was doing so well...

Yesterday set me back several days. It was a bad stressful day and because of the stress, I got sick. I mean I lost everything I had eaten in several days.

I woke up and was feeling queasy to begin with but I ate and that kind of subsided. The kids helped me clean the livingroom and I let our two dogs out back into our fenced yard. I finished cleaning and sat on the couch to put my feet up. The German Shepherd scratched on the door to be let in, so I let her in. My Chihuahua (a tiny teacup that I've had for about two and half years now) wanted to stay outside. Ok, no worries. She'll often stay outside when Sasha, the German Shepherd, comes in because she's able to do what she wants without the puppy wanting to play. Sasha is only a couple of months she's still a puppy.

The kids went out to play about two hours later. When they came in they brought Sasha with them. I asked them to bring Patches. They said she wasn't out there. I stopped and asked them what they meant. She had been out there earlier. That's when it all began. We went looking for her. The only way she could have gotten out of the backyard was to go into one of the neighbors' yards. Who knows from there. I went our neighbors that moved in the day before we did and they hadn't seen her. We knocked on the other neighbor's door and no one answered. I prayed that she hadn't gotten in their backyard. They have two pit bulls and she's so tiny they would have torn her to shreds in a matter of moments. She barely barks, and they bark all day so I wouldn't have heard anything different. We drove around the neighborhood, but we never found her.

I came home and promptly got sick. I know that stress is a trigger for vomiting. I wish I could relieve all stress, but sometimes it just happens. That's life. We're going to put up signs around the neighborhood today. She's not wearing her collar because I was going to give her a bath so I took it off. That was stupid. I just wish I knew where she was. At this point I'd be happy knowing that someone found her and is taking care of her. I'm just worried that the neighbor's dogs chewed her to shred. Plus, last night it stormed horribly here. She's out there somewhere, all one and a half pounds of her, alone and without help or someone to take care of her. My poor baby.

Speaking of babies. This little guy is doing well. I've gained half a pound. I'm still dehydrated no matter what I drink. I carry water or Gatorade with me every where I go. This little guy wiggles around and gets the hiccups regularly so he seems to be doing ok...even if I can't keep food down.

Well, I need to go put up lost signs. Hopefully some one calls me this afternoon.

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RebekahRose said...

I hope you found your sweet puppy!!