Tuesday, March 31, 2009

230 down...50 left to go

I am 32w5d pregnant. We are in our final weeks of pregnancy! I can't believe it!

I've been having Braxton-Hicks contractions almost daily. I had a bit of a scare yesterday when I had a Braxton-Hicks and felt some discharge. I was in math class. I left the lecture quickly (not that my idiot of a math professor was saying anything that was actually useful to, well, anything). When I got to the bathroom I realized I lost more of my mucous plug. (Yep, there's that famous little glob of mucous, rearing it's ugly head!)

The baby has begun to drop. I am carrying low anyway, but when he dropped I could (still can, and will until I deliver) feel him hitting my pelvis. My hips are widening and I've officially started "the pregnancy waddle".

On the plus side, we're nearly there! I have 50 days left before my due date! As I am typing this, I'm watching the baby's knee, or possibly his foot, ripple across my belly. It's amazing to think that in a few short weeks, this little chunky monkey is going to come into this world and complete a family who, even a year or two ago, wasn't sure if they would have a child. And I helped, in some small way, to create this family.

Well, I am going to go take a nap before I try finishing all the things I have to do today. I need to call the hospital to schedule our tour of labor and delivery! Before I go...here's a picture (taken two days ago) of my ever growing belly.

...I don't want to hear any comments about me being in my PJs still. I'm pregnant, cut me some slack! Oh! And absolutely no comments on the road map I'm creating on my stomach. I figure if I create a road map in stretch marks, I'll never get lost!

Have a great day!


Arcadia said...

Great Belly Pics!

RebekahRose said...

Love the PJs and the beautiful belly pics! :)