Saturday, January 31, 2009

So not a lot has been happening lately. I'm just over 24 weeks now. I had an appointment on Tuesday, but my IM couldn't make it. Nothing really important happened, so it wasn't a big deal. The baby's heart rate was in the 150s, as usual. I've gained 6lbs since the last appointment 5 weeks ago. My blood pressure was perfectly normal.

I went out and bought a maternity belt because I'm having round ligament pain...or at least that's what the doctor said it was. I've had round ligament pain, and this feels like I pulled my abdominal muscle. I've also bought some more clothes for myself. I need to find someone who can make me some formal dresses, and help me alter some suits and other outfits.

Which leads me to my exciting news of the month...

I am the new Mrs. San Antonio. Yep, I have the crown, sash and everything. This is why I need some formal dresses and to have my clothes tailored. I'll be making appearances through out the rest of my pregnancy. Then, three weeks after my EDD, I have the state pageant. That should be interesting. I need to have a dress that fits wonderfully, and doesn't make me look too fat. The one thing I figure I'll have going for me is the fact that with a cincher, or corset, my waist will look smaller...especially considering I will breastfeeding and my milk will have come in. My boobs will be huge and my waist will be smaller. *shrugs*

So that's about it. Nothing exciting going on.

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MNjen said...

Wow...Mrs San Antonio, huh? And why havent you told your fellow August Beach Bellies? LOL

Thats awesome!