Monday, January 5, 2009

It's A...

So we had the ultrasound today. The baby is growing like a weed. The baby weighs 14oz. (approximately) and measures right on target. We got to see all ten fingers, and all ten toes. It was an amazing sight when the baby rolled slightly to the side. The baby twice kicked the ultrasound scanner right on. The baby didn't like to be poked at, lol!

So I'm sure you've noticed I keep saying "The baby" when normally I would say "he" or some similiar word. This is because I want to keep the gender a surprise for just another couple of minutes...oh, who am I kidding, some secrets are meant to be shared!

G&K are having *drum roll* A BOY! And this little boy is quite the exobitionist. He rolled slightly and spread his legs. The tech had barely put the scanner on my belly and there was his little winkie for the world to see. She took a picture of him laying sideways so you could see him, his legs, and his "boy parts". She put an arrow pointing and typed "IT'S A BOY!" G is going to scan one of the pictures and send it to K (he's out of town)...after he tries to guess, she going to send him the one that says "IT'S A BOY!"

I'm so excited for them! I'm going to go out sometime this week (probably while I'm at the mall getting some support hose...stupid vericose veins are starting show!) and buy him a little outfit, and probably bear or something. I'm so excited for them!

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Arcadia said...

That's awesome! Have fun shopping!