Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So not much has been going on. I'm getting bigger and it's obvious, to me at least, that the baby is growing stronger. I made a video a couple of weeks ago for my IPs. I set the TV remote on my belly when the baby was moving and recorded him kicking it and making it move. My IM loved it!

I haven't bee getting much sleep lately. The baby moves at night when I'm trying to fall asleep and then I wake around 2 or 3 am to go to the bathroom and then eat.

Speaking of eating...I'm still eating super healthy. I haven't had red meat in several weeks. I'm munching on fruits and veggies if I need a snack. I've been drinking my protein shakes religiously. Last night in our spaghetti, we had pork sausage, so that helps too.

Beyond that, not much going on with the pregnancy. I'm surprising my IPs with a 4D ultrasound. I have to get the invitations sent out today. I can't wait to see my IPs faces when they get to see a great picture of their son!

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MNjen said...

A 4D ultrasound! How fun! I was thinking of doing that for my IPs as well, but I dont know how well it will work with two babies in there. There's only one place around here that does them for recreation and its not cheap! My doctor's office has a 3D/4D machine but they didnt flip over from 2D last time...I was disappointed. Maybe next time!

I can totally sympathize with the sleeping issue. I am sleeping worse than I ever have in my whole life. Not too much longer to go though! We can do it! :)