Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How many calories a day extra?

Things are going well with the baby and I. I've been trying to get as much rest as possible, but I feel like I'm constantly exhausted! I wake up every morning and get the kids off to school, only to come home and fall back asleep on the couch.

Today, in addition to the exhaustion, I've added a somewhat new symptom. The way I eat. I got up this morning, got the kids ready for school and ate a bowl of cereal. I took them to school, came home, and ate a banana. I fell asleep on the couch watching Rachael Ray, only to be woke up by a bunch of screaming middle age women. (Did you know that New Kids on the Block had made a comeback?) And then I had half a cucumber. I talked with hubby, did some dishes, then ate the other half of the cucumber.

I'm getting ready to leave for school before too long, and I'll take a cut up orange with me, as well as a belly bar and a protein shake.

The point is, I'm not eating a whole lot at any one time, but a little bit through out the day. On the other hand, I haven't been having many issues with the nausea anymore, so maybe this is a good thing. I'm going to have to do some research though to find out how many extra calories a day I'm supposed to take in when pregnant.

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got6kids2love said...

It sounds like you are doing a good job of keeping that little bean healthy! Frequent small meals is likely keeping you nausea away. Your body knows what it needs nutritionally so relax and know you are doing something completely amazing!!!

Robin~ aka 4InTheNest