Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nothing new really

There's not a whole lot going on right now. I'm on BCPs and I have an appointment in just over a week to get my meds. August 5th is the big day. I have my baseline appointment and start meds.

I had a dream last night about giving myself the shots. The Lupron shots don't bother me. Those are with a small insulin needle in the abdomen. It's the PIO shots the get to me. It's a long, thick needle that I have to insert into the muscle in my hip. Last time I got five shots in and then the transfer was cancelled.

At least I get the PIO in the good oil! My progestrone comes in ethyl Oleate oil, which is the thinnest oil there is. Some girls I've talked to have theirs in olive oil, or seasame oil, which is much thicker.

Well, that's all I have for now. Once I learn more, I'll update.

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Jenifer said...

Congrats! You must be so excited things are moving along!

I know what you mean about the PIO... when I found out the clinic my IP's work with do oral and suppositories only I was THRILLED!!

Good luck!