Sunday, February 7, 2010

A crazy week

It's been a kind of crazy week. I've been on bed rest...or at least trying to rest and take it easy. I haven't had anymore bleeding so that's good. The past two days I've had horrible morning sickness and haven't kept anything down.

I had kind of a meltdown last night. I threw a fit after vomiting for almost ten minutes straight. I asked my husband if he had any idea what it was like to vomit at least once a day, every day for over two months straight. He said he didn't. I tried to explain to him how daunting it can feel sometimes. How hard it is to know that you're carry this little life inside you that needs you, and you can't give him the very thing he needs most right I know he's safe and still in there though because I'm still vomiting this morning.

Oh well...beyond that I'm doing well. I have three tests to take for school today. I have to log on to the websites and get those done soon. We're also starting the remodel of our livingroom today. We're taking the baseboards off and we're going to paint. In two weeks we're pulling up the carpets and laying hardwood floors. Kenny laughs at me when I say we because what I really mean is him and a friend. I'll be wearing a mask trying not to go crazy.

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