Sunday, January 10, 2010

A little scare...but all is well

Kenny and I went out to lunch on Friday, and I was cramping a little. Nothing too serious, but enough to make me wonder what was going on. I kept trying to tell myself it was gas...even though I didn't seem to have gas.

Partway through the meal, I got up and went to the restroom. When I wiped, there was a spot of blood on the paper. I nearly lost it. I wiped again, and nothing. I decided to call T anyway, and at least let her know and ask her to call the Dr's office since she seems to get results from them when all I get is...well, brushed aside. T said that she'd call immediately and then she'd call me back.

She called back a few moments later and said she talked to the nurse coordinator. The nurse coordinator told her that it was normal and just irritation from the suppository. I wasn't so sure, but I knew that if I lost this baby it would be the nurse coordinator's fault for pulling me off of all meds except for the suppository. I haven't had any spotting since, and I have noticed that when I put the suppository in, the applicator seems to have cut me a little. So that's more than likely what it is, but it doesn't make me any less nervous that little Joseph is really okay.

Beyond that, things are ok. The morning sickness comes and goes, but it seems to be getting less...or I'm just getting more accustomed to it. Either way, it's not as bothersome!

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